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Celebrate Spring

Spring is in the air after a long hard winter!

Spring is my favorite time of year.  The contrast after the long winter, especially here in the northeast is palpable.  Everything just feels lighter, our clothing, and our attitude This all happens while our energy levels are higher as the daylight grows longer.  

This is the perfect time of year to bring

your older charge outside, for some sunshine and fresh air, and if they are able to walk, some more energizing steps.  Many of the older adults that we work with are cooped up in their homes from late October until May, which can lead to depression in addition to physical decline. Start out by doing some simple stretches or exercises that are easy on the joints, all according to the persons level of fitness and the approval of their medical professionals. For those who are unable to ambulate on their own, a companion can escort them to the park or other locale such as an outdoor garden or museum in a wheelchair.  Other activities that are springtime friendly including feeding birds in the park, or ducks or geese if there are nearby ponds.  Those living in their own homes, might enjoy filling a bird-feeder and watching the wildlife that it attracts.

Spring is also a great time to "lighten up" your diet, by purchasing and partaking in seasonal fruits and vegetables that start to come to the markets this time of year.  This produce will not only be fresher, and of better quality, but you will feel lighter eating it.  you might enjoy shopping at a farmers market or local outdoor street produce vendor for a lovely variety of locally sourced produce.  The spring and summer make it easer to eat a more healthy plate that can easily include less animal based protein and more fruits and vegetables. Making a spring dietary overhaul will help to decrease you chances of developing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and dementia.  This coupled with cutting down on red meat and processed food, white flour and increasing your consumption of health fats such as olive and Coconut oil and avocados will help to limit the inflammatory process for some people.  Speak with your medical professionals before embarking on these lifestyle changes.

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