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"Debbie Drelich of New York Elder Care Consultants provided expert guidance in all aspects of the application and approval process for Medicaid home health aides for our elderly father. Debbie was very professional, knowledgeable, practical, prompt and compassionate throughout the entire process. Even after approval and start-up with the health care aides and the various agencies involved, Debbie consistently responded to our questions and concerns, facilitating and resolving issues that normally arise in these matters. As an example of her dedication to her clients, Debbie had anticipated issues might arise with our pending application while she was away in Israel visiting her children and grandchildren. So she asked us to email or text her if we needed her help. When we did have to reach out to her, she responded promptly, communicated with others and resolved our issue as efficiently as if she were 

in her Riverdale office."

Herb & Vicki R.

"New York Elder Care has been both essential and transformative in the care of my parents (92 and 96) who fiercely value their independence, but as time moved on, did not have the ability to manage their finances, health care and daily lives alone.  New York Elder Care's compassionate and fully engaged approach has enabled my parents to maintain their independence (they still live in their abode of almost 50 years) while engaging all the services necessary to handle their increasingly fragile physical state. This type of coverage is crucial in these days where immediate younger family are geographically far flung.  I cannot recommend New York Elder Care highly enough!"

Christopher R.

"My wife and i appreciate and admire your goodness, and all your sweet giving.  Thanks so much for your incredible support and wisdom in helping me to care for my mom.  Her life and mine are so much better because of you.with deep  respect and appreciation."

Phil S.

  "Dear Debbie, Thank you again for all the perspective and guidance you offered to Alyson and me as we sought to do the best for my mother in these past weeks.  We are both so appreciative of your kind and knowledgeable input and so pleased with the care my mother received. With sincere thanks"

Elizabeth H.

"Dear Debra thank you for all the beautiful and caring help and support you gave to my mother.  It meant so much to us."

Zee P.

"Dear Debbie I needn't tell you how, when an elderly person's world shrinks physically and psychologically, the firm and predictable systems of support become increasingly important for his or her wellness of being.  For all this time you have been one of the anchors for my mother, reminding in so many ways of the steadiness of a world which grows less and less dependable.  You have become a part of my mothers emotional existence, and i have always respected your sense of professionalism, your directness, your passion for what you do and i am greatly appreciative."

Stanley R.

 "Debbie Drelich has been our family social worker for many years now helping us navigate through the complicated world of Dementia/Alzheimer’s, as well as my own needs for assistance after surgery.  She is both highly skilled and wonderfully caring as she helps put in place solutions to things that are well beyond my capabilities.  That includes dealing with financial issues, Medicaid/Medicare issues, bureaucratic issues, all handled with great knowledge and skill, while often requiring more than a dash of diplomacy.  Much more than a dash!  I would highly recommend Debbie to any family needing guidance and assistance for their loved ones in a difficult phase of their lives."

Steve K.

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